Office Mascot

Just like any good team mascot, you'll find Plato on the Blueprint sidelines cheering us on. He may not get much work done, but we forgive him for that, because he sure knows how to brighten the day (or at least keep it interesting...), and not to be funny, but he is an excellent shredder...

Getting to know the "scoop" on Plato:

What is your favourite past time?
Bark, bark, bark and chase - at anything that moves, but particularly those nasty four legged animals with pointy ears that come into our backyard...

If you could be another animal, what animal would you be?
A squirrel... than I can outrun every dog by jumping in the trees and laugh from the branches, which must be fun!

What is your favourite TV show?
I have a hard time seeing two dimensions, so anything on a screen, film, computer or TV... I fall asleep, which is nice, so I guess any TV show is a good show.

What is your favourite food?
Peanut butter - seriously, I'll do anything for peanut butter... mmmmmmm

What is your favourite book?
"How to raise a perfect puppy": it was yummy!