Dan Read

Dan Read,

In 2011, Dan made the jump across the pond from England to start a new adventure in Canada. Prior to joining the Blueprint team in August 2012 he spent 10 years as an Analyst Programmer for the University of Kent. This role involved maintaining and developing the Student Data and Administration systems of the University. As well, he spent 10 years as a Jet Technician in the Royal Air Force. Being a typical Brit that loves Marmite, toad in the hole and dunking biscuits in a nice cup of tea, he knows absolutely nothing about Hockey and still calls ‘soccer’ ‘football’.

How Dan is "programmed":

What was your favourite food as a child?
Fish and chips by the sea side – that’s real English cod and chips with mushy peas

If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice what would you say?
Never whistle while eating custard

What's one of your favourite questions to ask new friends or to get a conversation going?
Do you want a beer?

If you had to be named after a city, state or country (etc), which would you want it to be?
Can it be a village name? I like Giggleswick in North Yorkshire

What's your favourite knock-knock joke?
knock knock
Who’s there?
Interupting cow
Interupting co……Mooooo!