Our Team

At Blueprint Agencies we’re really proud of our crew. Not just because they do a great job, but they’re also great people who will actually listen to you, understand what you’re talking about and offer solid solutions.

You may have noticed a nautical theme to this site. Many of the Blueprint Agencies “Crew” are passionate sailors who race sailboats whenever their hectic schedules let them.

We bring that same passion to our work. Blueprint Agency aims to help you plot a true course to your marketing destination and cross the finish line first.

Blueprint Agencies is an active member of several local Chambers of Commerce. In 2008, we were proud to be chosen as the recipient of the “Bell Canada Technology Award” by The Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce, and selected as “Company of the Year” by The Paris Chamber of Commerce in 2007. In 2007 Blueprint Agencies was also awarded the “Yves Landry Award for Excellence” relating to a communications campaign aimed at helping high school age students understand technical career options.