Truck drivers have a legal obligation to keep track of their Hours of Service. In fact, to abide by this law, you almost need a PhD, which is why many drivers stick to what they know is a 'safe' schedule. Electronic logs have now become the norm for North American truckers. 1LOG is an easy-to-use and cost-effective way of managing daily logs, allowing drivers to maximize their on-duty time and keep HOS rules in check at all times.

Blueprint built an app called 1Log that, in essence, ‘drives with’ the driver. The app included the ability for drivers to monitor their hours of service and keep a log of their travel to save inputting information each trip. With the assistance of a geolocator, the app was able to monitor and track each driver and send an update report every 15 minutes. To ensure road safety, the app would send a warning signal to a Safety Officer if a driver had been on the road for too long and might be in violation of driving hours, or had been stopped somewhere for a period of time and might need assistance. The app also included a built in capability to recognize the different Canadian and US driving regulations.

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