Enterprise Brant

Enterprise Brant was interested in building a tool that could assist small business owners to complete an online business plan.

Blueprint built an interactive interface with two distinct advantages. The website would categorize all the elements needed for a plan with subsections that would indicate and highlight  information that needed to be filled in order for the plan to be completed, making the process straightforward for owners. In addition, the interactive platform allowed Enterprise Brant to access a client’s business plan to provide feedback and suggestions, and had the ability for specific client questions to be asked and answered in real-time.

The resulting tool allowed business owners to spend time focusing on their business while receiving helpful feedback from advisors on their long-term plans.

Enterprise Brant is an organization dedicated to fostering economic development in Brant. They provide financial and consulting services to local businesses with a goal of creating jobs in Brantford and the County of Brant. 

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