Blueprint Agencies was approached to provide a new logo and updated website for, an Aboriginal-owned family business based on the Six Nations Reserve at Grand River (Brantford) in Southwestern Ontario. The challenge was an antiquated website which had limited searchability and information that was not integrated into a cohesive system.

Blueprint wireframed the process to work out the functionality, programmed the site, and worked with Goodminds to streamline the information into a single database. By merging the two different database systems, Blueprint increased back end functionality to allow for easy updating of data by Goodminds owners. Also included in the new site were search functions for the diverse demographics of gender, age and grade level, a “shopping cart” for book purchases, and a clean, simple design.

The website will go live in 2013!

GoodMinds is the leading source for purchasing bias-free teaching and educational resources related to Native American, First Nations, Indigenous and Aboriginal studies. GoodMinds provides easy access to the best in library books for schools and public libraries.

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